Dividend policy

Dividends Paid in the Past

In the last five financial years Huuuge, Inc has not paid any dividends from the net profit.

Dividend Policy

The Company has no dividend policy. The Board of Directors may from time to time declare dividends out of the Company’s surplus cash flows and may, subject to the provisions of the Bylaws and the Certificate of Incorporation, set dates for the declaration and payment thereof. No dividend is payable other than in accordance with the applicable provisions of Delaware law. The General Meeting does not adopt resolutions regarding the distribution of profits and the payment of dividends.

The Board of Directors has not made any decision regarding the payment of dividends or the value thereof, if any, during the reporting period.
Our Board of Directors may decide not to pay dividends in the future. This might happen especially if unexpected events occur that would change the Boards’ view as to the prudent level of cash and capital conservation as well as the Company’s financial goals and strategy.

Pursuant to the Certificate of Incorporation, all common shares are treated equally, identically and rateably, on a per-share basis, with respect to any dividends or distributions as may be declared and paid from time to time by the Board of Directors out of any of the Company’s legally available assets.