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How we became Huuuge?

Our brand Huuuge Games exists since 2014, however, the company’s history is much longer and many of our employees have been working with each other for years now. 

This is all due to our CEO, Anton Gauffin, who came to Poland in 2005 in his search for programmers for his company – Gamelion. At first, the company only made games for larger publishers – including Sony and EA Games. In 2007 Anton sold his share and moved to Silicon Valley while the team kept working and creating games. 

In 2014, seven years after selling the company, Anton received the opportunity to spin Gamelion out into an independent company again, and he took it, entering the company into its most exciting chapter yet.

“We operate in a global market of 2.5 billion players of digital games, within which mobile gaming is the fastest growing segment, as smartphone penetration continues to increase. Within this segment, Huuuge has pioneered massive multiplayer gaming in its social casino franchises, where we are among the world leaders. The innovative Huuuge play together experience, our social first ethos which creates more fun, more engaging gaming in real time with other players around the globe, is central to our approach.
“Our central network technology enables us to operate as a smart network offering truly unique world-class content. As we expand our Huuuge Network and further roll out our diversified gaming portfolio, we see an immense opportunity to leverage the components powering the success of our key franchises, achieving strong scaling effects across our games, benefiting from the network strengths of Huuuge’s business model. Across our business, our use of data analytics and personalised marketing enables us to acquire, retain and deepen our player relationships, achieving the highest revenue per user in the social casino sub-genre.
In order to deliver our network centric mission to empower billions of people to play together, we follow our Build and Buy strategy. This means that we continue building and developing our free-to-play mobile game offering while pursuing further growth and scale via our Buy strategy; publishing & acquiring complementary products and businesses. The IPO that we have announced today is a major company milestone that transforms Huuuge and supports our strategy, giving us additional resources and readiness to move forward on its implementation as consolidation increases in our sector and there is an opportunity to significantly accelerate our growth by welcoming the best game creators and developers around the world to partner with Huuuge." - Anton Gauffin

If you’d like to learn more about how Huuuge got its start and get more Huuuge insight, visit out Blog.


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