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Corporate information

Huuuge is an international free-to-play games developer and a global publisher of digital games on mobile and web platforms, with a mission to empower billions of people to play together, as part of the Huuuge vision to transform mobile gaming into a massively social experience.

Huuuge develops and publishes games globally and its users play its games in almost every country in the world. Development encompasses a full range of activities from generation of the initial idea, through beta testing and ultimately to global launch and live-operations. Huuuge has a proven track record of developing successful games within the social casino genre with its core titles: Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino. Publishing encompasses activities from the launch of a game onwards, including building relationships with distributors, marketing and continuous post-launch game optimisation.

The Huuuge Games brand was launched by Anton Gauffin in 2014. Anton created Huuuge when he reacquired Gamelion, a mobile game developer in Finland that he had initially established in 2002 and later sold to BLStream, from whom he bought it back. 

Our incorporation in Delaware gave us an increased ability to maintain relationships with venture capital investors in the United States.

Our main operations, including game development operations, are located in Poland. We operate ten offices in different cities worldwide, including Tel Aviv, Israel; Limassol, Cyprus; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our game development teams are based in different locations globally and senior management team likewise operates from various offices. Our largest three locations are in Poland, in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin.

Huuuge had 638 employees as of 30th September 2021. 

Number of players are changing dynamically. In 2020 we had around 5M monthly players. We publish our KPI’s quarterly and you can download it from our website

We have multiple games at various stages of maturity in our portfolio. Our most popular games are Huuuge Casino, Billionaire Casino and Traffic Puzzle. 

Financial results

In 2020 Huuuge generated consolidated revenue of USD 333 million and consolidated adjusted EBITDA USD 57 million. We publish our results every quarter. You can see updated dated on our website here in Finacial Report. 

We generate revenue mainly through in-app purchases by players seeking greater engagement with our games and to a lesser extent through in-app advertisements.

Our independent auditors are PwC Polska.

Huuuge shares

We operate in a rapidly growing industry, and in order to capitalize on this, we need to prioritize growth activities, in particular, potential acquisitions, so we currently do not have a policy of paying dividends.

Huuuge is traded on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Our ticker symbol is HUG. the abbreviated name is “HUUUGE. 

Huuuge completed its IPO in February 2021.

Shares in Huuuge can be purchase through a licensed securities broker licensed to trade on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

You can find a list of licensed brokers here:

Our ISIN is US44853H1086.